Grace Farms 2019 Benefit

Ren6 was asked to design and create 2, 100% recycled custom costumes for two dancers from the Paul Taylor Dance Company for a modern dance performance entitled Traces by the acclaimed choreographer Parisa Khobdeh. 

The piece was performed at the Grace Farms 2019 Benefit entitled Our Sustainable Future in New Canaan, CT. It was an immense honor to work with Grace Farms, a foundation dedicated to advancing good in the world through programming centered around nature, community, justice, art, and faith. The piece is entitled “Traces.” Traces is about a man losing the love of his life. Being confronted by the traces of their life together, his grief was akin to being submerged in water. Ren6 was very excited about this collaboration with Khobdeh and impassioned by the story of the couple. It was fascinating delving into the psychological, sensual, and aesthetic implications of despair. The humanity of this emotion is unifying. To explore its caverns is a necessary and beneficial pursuit both individually and as a community.