Jessica Lang Dance Company


Ren6 was delighted to be asked to design and create 18 looks for nine dancers at the Krannert Residency Program in Champaign, Illinois for a touring Ballet entitled us/we.

 In the summer of 2018 we were privileged to collaborate with choreographer Jessica Lang, and artist Jose Parla. We created 18 looks for a touring Ballet entitled us/we.  Each piece was custom made, out of 100% recycled materials at the Krannert Residency Program in Champaign, Illinois. Some of the costumes were made out of cloths Parla used to clean up after painting. The title stands for “the U.S welcomes everyone.” The goal was to explore the US through a metaphorical quilt in movement made up of fragments new and old, discussing connection, culture, issues of the day, and in particular the immigration crisis from the perspectives of the personal stories the news never covers. We hope for those who attended, it further engaged their concept of “the city,” as well as their awareness and attention to the symptoms of an otherwise aching system.